Shure SM57 & SM58 Mods

These Shure Microphones seem to be a staple in the studio (Studios that don't know better). They get decent/reliable sound, but there are much better mic's out there. Fortunately, if your stuck with these mic's or like the sound for the type of music you do, there are ways to improve them.
SM57/58 No Transformer Mod: - Note: This will reduce the ouput by about 12db's
- unsolder all 4 wires of the transformer. (2 to the capsule, 2 to the xlr jack). Hold the lower mic body with the transformer in it over a heatgun. After a minute or two of the glue softening you can pull the transformer out by the wires. Now solder the + connection of the capsule to pin 2 of the xlr. Solder the - connection to pin 3 of the xlr. Use twisted pair wires.

SM57/58 New Transformer Mod: - Use the same procedure as above to remove the old transformer. Solder in your new transformer. Done. Enjoy. Use TAB-Funkenwerk transformer or cinemag CM-1057

Disclaimer: I encourage people to DIY and I'm here in a informative role.


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