The Furman C132 is a ssm2018 VCA compressor. Ask Furman for a Schematic.

PSU MoD: - Replace c1, and c2 with 2200uf 35v caps (516D228M035QS6AE3)
- Bypass those caps with .1u film caps
- Bypass c3 and c4 with .1uf film caps

- Take out the resistor/zener diode regulators and put in lm7815 and lm7915 regulators. Add heatsinks.

- Replace the IC's a101, a103, a104 with NE5532, OPA2132, opa2134, OPA2107, LT1358, or LME49860NA (My fav)

Capacitor/resistor MoD: - Replace c108, c117, and c203 with 22u 35v bipolar panasonic caps (ECE-A1VN220U). Bypass with .22uf film caps
- Replace c120 and c124 with 47u 35v bipolar panasonic caps (ECE-A1VN470U). Bypass with .47 film caps
- Change resistors 101,102,103, and 104 to 10k metal films.
- change r105 to 5.6k mf
- change r108 to 15k mf
- change r118 to 22.1k mf
- change r120 and r124 to 470r mf

Input transformer MoD:- You could add a input transformer by wiring it in line with the wires coming out of the 1/4 and xlr in to the main board. Cut those. Transformer input to the xlr jack, Transformer output to the mainboard. A 600/600ohm impeadance transformer for use with older equipment would work here or a 10k:10k transformer for newer equipment (should be no change in volume levels).

Output transformer MoD:- Add output transformer (Edcor WSM600/600) in line with the output wires coming off the main board to the output connectors. Or, wire in a DOA on the output

BLoak or B7 DOA on the output MoD: - Take out A104, and wire in the doa to the underside of the board (+ pin 5, - pin 6, out pin 7, V+ pin 8, v- pin 4 and ground pin 5) with wires out to the space between the main board and output jacks. This is where the DOA will reside.

Note: The reason for the DOA is to drive the transformer. With regular IC's, they don't have enough power to drive a transformer without low end signal loss. In my opinion.

Note: You will only be able to get around +10db output with the 15v rails. You will need to install a new power supply (PSU dual supply MOD) to get 18-24v rails. Wire the DOA v+ and v- to this supply.

PSU Higher Voltage MoD: - This is needed when you install a DOA on the output to drive a transformer.
- Replace the transformer with a +18/-18v (VPT 36-690).
- Add in a new power supply filter board (MNATS - HERE or equivalent board) for your +/- 18v rails.
- Wire the new output to c3 (+ side = v+) and c4 (- side = v-) _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Disclaimer: I encourage people to DIY and I'm here in a informative role.

Here are some pictures from some mods.
HERE!!! https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.638324419594561.1073741844.478520652241606&type=1&l=53062cc990


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