Here are some PCB's that I've layed out a while back. These may contain errors.

B7 DOA PCB Silkscreen Silkscreen Schematic
B7 Dual DOA 8 pin IC PCB PCB Silkscreen Silkscreen Schematic SMT Parts
Big Fet Bloak DOA PCB Silkscreen Schematic Schematic
Big Fet Bloak Dual DOA 8 pin IC PCB Silkscreen Silkscreen Schematic Schematic
LED Meter Driver LM3916 (VU and GR). GR is for a forsell opto comp PCB Silkscreen Schematic Schematic
48v Phantom board needs 50+vdc in, used on a jbl 5306 PCB Silkscreen
NYD One Bottle (Tube Pre-amp) Bogen T-200 input transformer and UTC H-13 output transformer set at 7k output impeadance for better frequency response PCB Photo Silkscreen Schematic
Dorsey Condenser Mic PCB Silkscreen Schematic
Universal Mic Input PCB Silkscreen Schematic
Peavey 5150 power tube output board stock PCB Silkscreen
Peavey 5150 power tube output board Locktal version PCB Silkscreen


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